Or the feeling of accomplishment, having achieved something you set your mind to, and after numerous trials and errors, not giving up, result in a beautiful feeling. Like that one time I discovered how to create long shadows in Illustrator, and because I followed a tutorial, the feeling turned out to be quite fleeting.

But today, after so many tries, spanning days, looking for solutions, reading through the PHP, I finally fixed some template issues in my blog. You see, after finding the theme I liked, from the very beginning it was wroth with “what the fucks”, and after trying more themes, avoiding this one, I set my foot down, and resolved to fix it, damn it! I’m still looking in every nook and cranny of the code, to find shit I don’t like, and make it better. There’s always something… But the major issues I managed to fix and I’m absolutely elated right now! To be honest, this isn’t just about the template… by doing this, I’m trying to get into web design, and each little accomplishment like this one, is really motivating. I’m on the right track.