Creative in the kitchen

The other night I felt like drinking an orange smoothie… and the next thing I knew, I was baking! Weird! Actually not at all. Here’s how it went:
I took two peeled oranges and chucked ’em in the blender with some honey, cinnamon, cardamon, and water. After they blended nicely, I had a taste and there was just too much stringy shit in there, so I strained the juice. It was lovely and so smooth, but I felt bad that I was about to waste all that delicious stringy jam I was left with.
So I took out the puff pastry! I cut it into many small triangles, stuffed with the stringy jam and made these weird, little, folded things that were all unique in their own way.
I just couldn’t be bothered.
I grated a bit of a chocolate bar I had left over in the fridge, and as I was doing it, it hit me that I should have glazed the little pastries with something to make the chocolate stick to them, rather than just bounce off them on to the baking tray… It was fine anyway.

And they were delicious! Tiny bite-sized pastries that had all the chocolate melt and caramelize all around and underneath them… Lovely.
I heartily recommend not wasting fruity pulp.