Captain Phasma?

You know Captain Phasma, right? The famous Star Wars: The Force Awakens villain that was presented and marketed as some awesome super bad-ass, up there with Kylo Ren (I’ll get to him later), and she turned out to be a little more than a wet fart… Yes, that one. It’s such a damn shame, because Gwendoline Christie is such a brilliant actor, and I absolutely love her Brienne of Tarth. Anyway, apparently Captain Phasma hasn’t met her trash dump demise in the first installment of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars and is in fact coming back for the second not-yet-titled Star Wars movie. Gwendoline Christie was interviewed by People at this year’s SAG Awards and she said this:

I will be in the next Star Wars movie.

You can read People’s article and watch the interview from the SAGs here.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I guess we’ll take her word for it. But what about her bad-ass status? I mean I think the damage is done… What could she possibly do to regain some respect?

Maybe if she were to have one of those legendary duels with one of the main good guys and she would somehow come out on top or almost, at least. Or maybe even duel Kylo Ren, if this theory turns out to be true (major spoilers in the link, so beware). FYI, I’m hoping it does.