Sorry, I’ve been on holiday…

Yes, I haven’t been the most present since my last post, and I’m not going to blame that on my holiday, mostly because it wasn’t five months long… Oops. What can I say? That happens… to me. In all fairness, I have been busy switching jobs, from graphic designer in advertising and DTP to interior designer and consultant, and playing The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt again because I wanted to experience it with both DLCs. And that’ll be the subject of a whole different post.

As for my holiday, I have learned some very valuable lessons, which I will share with you, and my future self, in case she forgets:

  • If you’re going as a group of friends, don’t book just one room for all of you, to save money. We were four people, two couples around the age of 30 and I should have booked two rooms for each of us, mostly because of the lack of privacy. It was fine when you did it in your twenties, but not in your thirties…
  • If you’re going to go swimming in a spot you’ve never been before, wear some damn water socks. It’s very important because apart from jagged stones, broken seashells, and the occasional tin can, sea urchins are assholes, waiting, under a stupid rock, just out of sight, for you to step on ’em. And it hurts. You essentially step on organic needles that can break off just as you’re trying to pull them out of your skin… And then you go digging after them with a needle, causing even more pain! Who would have thought?
  • Always use high SPF tan lotion, and find a beach with a shower, because otherwise, you’re just a piece of burnt, salted chicken… Also hurts. Hmmm.