Useful Websites

Below is a short list of a bunch of sites I use on a regular basis and I’m thinking you too will find them useful:

ZenCast is basically a soundboard with different nature sounds which you can mix & match, and even change the volume to individual sounds to create your very own ambient audio. I’m not a zen kind of person, I even hate yoga, but I love the sound of rain or of the sea. I listen to it when I’m in no mood for my usual playlists, but don’t want to sit in silence, hearing only my computers cooler fan…

SmallPDF is a PDF compression, conversion and editing website… and it’s super cute. At first glance, the user interface is quite simple and straight to the point, but oh, look at the pretty colors! Also, if you, let’s say want to reduce the size of a PDF file, you just click the Compression link, upload your file, wait for it, and then you’re greeted with: “We compressed your file from 23.35MB to 10.26MB. That’s awesome! :)” Yes, that is so awesome! They’re so happy they managed to compress your file! And I am too! Plus you can totally buy them a coffee by donating, I love that!

Flaticon is an extension of Freepik and like its parent website offers a plethora of free icons to download in six different formats, from simple png to vectors.

Placeit is a gallery of mock-ups, but they handle the process and give you the end result, which you can download for free at their smallest resolution or purchase higher resolution material for a small fee. But really? Their collection is MASSIVE.

Grammarly is an app/plugin/extension/add-on that works not unlike Google’s spelling checker but is even more accurate when it comes to grammar, of course. Its blog is quite entertaining as well.

Unsplash & Negative Space are two free stock photo websites, and when I say free, I really do mean free, gratis, no strings attached, whatsoever. The images themselves are absolutely gorgeous, else-wise I wouldn’t mention them.

New Old Stock is a Tumblr blog featuring collections of vintage photos from the public archives, all them free of any known copyright restrictions. But because it’s Tumblr, unfortunately, there’s no search form, you kind of have to go through all them to find something you want.

Centsless Books, as the name implies, is a website that brings you free e-books from, you just need an account on Amazon, but other than that, there are hundreds of volumes of e-books just waiting to be downloaded.